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I'm an Aerospace Engineer skilled in systems engineering, MCAD/ECAD engineering design, software development, test engineering, light manufacturing and engineering business infrastructure.

My main interests are in system architecture design, robotics, embedded electronics, propulsion systems, graphics and computer vision based software development, controls, mechanical packaging and assembly design, UAS and space vehicle system integration, test development, and test execution.

At this point, I think of myself as an engineering generalist or a roboticist.

Experiences and Responsibilities

Founder/Aerospace Engineer

2011 - Present
Revolution Engineering; Denver, CO

Mechatronic Systems

  • Telerobotic systems blending UAS and VR.
  • Optical and inertial sensor navigation systems for UAS and spacecraft.
  • Pointing mechanisms for UAS and spacecraft.
  • Landing sensors for UAS and spacecraft.
  • Urban agriculture systems.

System Engineer

03/2020 - Present
ExoTerra Resources; Littleton, CO

Spacecraft Systems

  • Spacecraft architecture and system engineering, including electronics, GNC, mechanisms and software.
  • SPENVIS radiation analysis.
  • GNC mission and disturbance analyzes. Working with a subcontractor on low-energy lunar orbital trajectories.
  • Electronics designs associated with electric propulsion systems, single board computers and flight computers.

Staff Aerospace Engineer

01/2014 - 12/2017
Moon Express; Mountain View, CA/Cape Canaveral, FL

Landing Navigation System(LNS)

  • OpenGL based software for testing LNS software.
  • Functional prototype of LNS software.
  • Drone testbed blending an enterprise drone, custom electronics and COTS hardware.
  • Benchtop camera test bed for LNS software using COTS hardware.
  • Ultra-lightweight design for the flight LNS hardware blending COTS camera, laser, and computer systems with custom mechanical packaging, and power, survival, fault handling and interface electronics.
  • Environmental testing of LNS components (thermal, vibration, vacuum, and radiation).

System Engineering, Integration and Test

  • Design and implementation of in-house custom requirements management tools and engineering database system.
  • Avionics system requirements definition, architecture and interfaces for spacecraft and lunar lander system.
  • Generation and execution of test plans for a lunar lander analog hover test vehicle.
  • Field test operations for a lunar lander analog hover test vehicle.
  • Propulsion test stand instrumentation and data acquisition equipment selection and implementation (FPGA based LabView).


  • Design of custom PCB that integrates the prototype avionics system with the bench test and simulation systems.
  • Design of microcontroller based custom PCBs for interfacing with different payload systems and for system health monitoring.
  • Designed custom PCBs for converting flex harnesses to discrete wire interfaces for different components in the avionics system.
  • PCB prototype manufacturing, PCB prototype assembly, PCB rework and harness assembly.

Aerospace Engineer

10/2012 - 11/2013
Rigel Aerospace; Centennial, CO

Test Tooling Design for United Launch Alliance (Contractor)

  • Led the design for the RD-180 Engine simulator for ULA’s SILas part of the Common Avionics Upgrade initiative.
  • Defined the preliminary mechanical design and collaborated with drafters on simulator rack mechanical assemblies.
  • Design of electrical systems including rack level connectivity schematics, load simulation board schematics, cable/harness designs and circuit card assembly designs.
  • Defined requirements for software/hardware testing interface.
  • Supported manufacturing supplier and hardware/software interface groups.
  • Contributed to the electrical designs for the Atlas V Active Signal Simulator and Passive Load Simulator racks.
  • Defined test requirements and procedures for hardware checkouts of the RD-180, Active and Passive Simulator racks.

System Engineer

03/2010 – 06/2010
Sierra Nevada Corporation; Centennial, CO

System Engineering, Integration and Test

  • System engineer focused on requirements management for a DoD program.

Product Engineer

09/2008 – 03/2010
Honeywell Turbo Technologies; Torrance, CA

Turbomachinery Engineer

  • Collaborated on the design of variable nozzle technology based turbocharger turbine stages for use in 9 liter diesel engine applications.
  • Led the effort to modernize data analysis and visualization techniques and taught other engineers how to use the techniques effectively.
  • Collaborated with design and analysis groups to produce mechanical designs that meet internal and customer requirements.
  • Hardware build-up for various environmental and mechanical endurance tests designed to verify customer requirements.
  • Led documentation of system test, design and analysis information used for verification of customer and internal requirements.
  • See Patent No.: US 8,172,508 B2

System Engineer

10/2006 – 09/2008
Honeywell Defense & Space; Lakewood, CO

System Engineering, Integration and Test

  • Collaborated on SEIT tasks for the Orion Flight Test program with a focus on the Pad Abort test flight.
  • Assisted the customer in developing system requirements.
  • Collaborated with the internal system engineering team to derive component level requirements based on customer requirements.
  • Performed analyses to verify component and customer requirements for the Vehicle Management Computer (FT-VMC) and Remote Interface Unit (FT-RIU).
  • Defined internal acceleration and thermal environmental requirement testing.


  • Led the design of the FT-RIU.
  • Defined hardware resource allocations and connectivity for electrical components in the FT-RIU prototype design.
  • Led technical interaction with, and requirement definition for the COTS supplier to ensure that flight hardware and special test equipment were correctly designed and implemented, and were delivered on time.
  • Tested the prototype unit and debugged anomalies/issues during the initial functional checkout test phases.
  • Defined thermal test sequences based on experimental data.

Software V&V Engineer

05/2006 – 09/2006
Analex; Littleton, CO

Software Engineering

  • Validation and verification of Atlas V flight software, focusing on the launch and flight sequences.


05/2003 – 04/2006; 06/2010 – 09/2010
Pioneer Astronautics; Lakewood, CO

Vehicle Systems

  • Designed, built, and wet-tested a controlled underwater glider successfully for the DARPA SeaGlider SBIR Phase 1 program, resulting in award of a Phase 2 contract.

Propulsion and Chemical Systems

  • Designed, fabricated and tested numerous new Nitrous Oxide monopropellant rocket engines, with thrusts ranging from 1lb – 25 lbs, for NASA and DoD contracts.
  • Advised varying projects on thermal design issues, chemical reactor designs, and general engineering issues.
  • Trained, advised, and directed new team members on Nitrous Oxide engine testing methodologies.
  • Generated code for evaluating and improving chemical reactor and rocket engine designs based on laboratory test results.
  • Designed and implemented data acquisition systems needed to update thermal, chemical reactor, and rocket engine design models.
  • See Patent No.: US 8,652,402 B2

Software Engineering and Avionics

  • Wrote flight software, integrated avionics hardware and software, defined test cases, and executed medium altitude balloon test flights.

Technical Writer

  • Wrote monthly reports for DARPA, published as co-author on five NASA and one DOD final reports and contributed to numerous proposals.


01/2003 - 05/2003
Pioneer Astronautics; Lakewood, CO

System Test

  • Tested and performed chemical analysis for numerous chemical processes.
  • Designed and manufactured heat exchangers,chemical reactors, and test stands. Aided project leads in test designs and defining schedules.
  • Aided in defining safety protocols and tests for rocket engines up to 100 lbs thrust.
  • Improved data analysis techniques using MATLAB to verify and revise thermal and design models.
  • Accelerated the generation and editing of quarterly reports for NASA programs through data analysis automation.

MATLAB Teaching Assistant

01/2002 - 05/2002
University of Colorado; Boulder, Colorado

Teaching Assistant

  • Trained students to use MATLAB and Simulink, facilitated technical discussions, and assisted with student evaluation.


Projects/companies I am working on:

Revolution Engineering, LLC - My business persona.
Vyro Technologies - Urban agriculture.
Artificial Kinetics - Today's robots are lame. Wait to see what the future holds. Coming soon.
Synthetic Vision - Coming someday.

Laboratory/Shop Skills


Machining (lathe, mill, CNC router), 3D printing (FDM, SLA), welding (MIG, TIG, Stick), PCB prototyping, fabrication, assembly and rework.

Laboratory/Shop Test and Measurement Equipment

Calipers, micrometers, depth gauges, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, LabVIEW hardware, and instrumentation (pressure transducers, thermocouples, flow meters, rate gyros, accelerometers, barometers, humidity, GPS), gas chromatographs and lab scales.

Environmental Testing

Acceleration, random vibration, thermal and proton radiation testing for mechanical, electrical, and mechatronic systems.

Verification Testing

Functional, acceptance and qualification testing for mechanical, electrical and mechatronic systems.


Generation and implementation of scripted test procedures,safety procedures for electronics handling, environmental test procedures, and manufacturing procedures

Skills & Proficiency

















  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aerospace Propulsion (Jet & Rocket)
  • Aerodynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Aircraft Dynamics
  • Aircraft Design
  • Aerospace Materials
  • Statics and Dynamics
  • Classical and Modern Control Theory
  • Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control
  • Orbital Mechanics
  • GPS Software
  • Aerospace Electronics
  • Computer Science
  • Fundamentals of Programming (C++ & Java)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (C++ & Java)
  • Data Structures (C++)
  • Advanced/Generic/Template Programming (C++)
  • Algorithms
  • Database System Concepts (SQL)
  • Computer Graphics (OpenGL)
  • Operating System Concepts
  • Engineering Systems
  • Robot Mechanics
  • Mechatronics